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Beware What You Vote For

By 21st June 2024No Comments

As we approach July 4th it is very clear that most political parties have motorists in their sights, not in a positive way, but as a money source with extreme increases planned on Fuel Duty. This will, of course, reverse any reduction in inflation as raising the cost of a key product such as petrol or diesel increases commercial delivery costs and hits the pocket of those who need cars for work and service provision.

Secondly, the unproven rush to reduce the nominal speed in built-up areas from 30 to 20 lengthens journey times and often produces more pollution.

And finally, the reduction in road space via ill-advised schemes such as 15-minute cities and Low Traffic Neighbourhoods which increase journey times and often cause congestion.

These are all policies of National and local politicians who see revenue over service and dogma over democracy.

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