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Beware Political Parties’ Silence On Roads And Drivers

By 31st May 2024One Comment

There has so far been total silence from the main political parties on their future plans for the road system and drivers.  People should be very worried, claim the Alliance of British Drivers.

For decades now the road system has been neglected and worse, deliberately obstructed. Drivers have been seen as cash cows, rather than the lifeblood of the economy they really are. Fake news and scaremongering about pollution and climate has been used as a weapon to beat us with. Net Zero has been weaponised to force ridiculously unsuitable and expensive electric cars onto the public.

Unless the public speak out now, and journalists begin to ask pertinent questions, we will be faced with decades of more of the same or worse.  

An immediate abandonment of both Net Zero, and the mandated phaseout of new petrol and diesel car sales, is essential along with a commitment to reopen all closed roads.  

Drivers should make it clear they WILL NOT VOTE for any party or politician that cannot commit to this.

While remaining studiously apolitical, the ABD recommends that voters study in detail the manifestos of the parties contesting their constituencies, and vote for candidates who reject BOTH Net Zero & the phaseout of new conventional vehicle sales. 

In the event that that choice is denied you, a spoiled, “None of the Above” ballot paper is superior to casting a vote for any “multiple cheeks of one bottom” Uniparty candidate.



Questions to ask Campaigners and your Parliamentary Candidates in person or by letter

  • How will your Party fund repairs to the deplorable state of UK roads that have become some of the most damaging and dangerous highways in Europe? 
  • How will your Party explain to the 37 million drivers in the UK that neglected roads are in the public interest seeing as they and ‘fossil fuel’ vehicles have been the driving force behind our economy for 100 years? 
  • Why do you think your Party has avoided making public policy statements on the future of road transport, which is the lifeblood of our communities, commerce and services? 
  • What independent advice has your Party sought from accredited scientists, rather than using computerised models, that policies such as the extortionate and ruinously expensive Net Zero will secure our future economic well-being?
  • How will your Party address the conundrum that EV’s have been comprehensively rejected by the purchasing public? 
  • How will your Party justify the collapse of the UK vehicle manufacturing base as being in the public interest; and how doing this will or can add value to the UK economy?

One Comment

  • Slava Petrov says:

    Thank you very much! We need to educate people about lies and scams of our dear government doesn’t matter which party is ruling)
    Pleasel advise , what esle can we do? May be you can start Petition and I will be more than happy to sign myself and let my family and friends to do so.

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