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Driving Sense

Driving Sense : Issue 2 – ABD hits back at LTNs

By 27th May 2024May 31st, 2024No Comments

Issue 2 of our journal is available to members now including articles on:

ABD hits back at LTNs
The ABD is focusing attention on the hated Low Traffic Neighbourhoods; they are rightfully named but for all the wrong reasons.

California now, where next? Paying by the mile is REAL
Department of Transportation is looking into charging per mile for all types of vehicle

Coventry approves blanket 20mph zone in Earlsdon
Council has signed off on a blanket 20mph zone covering the entire district!

Opinion: Should larger cars pay more to park?
Ian Taylor stood his ground in a head-to-head debate

Transport Focus Meeting – representing your views
Transport Focus is a quango that makes recommendations for transport users and ABD stalwart, Brian MacDowall, gives his thoughts on what it’s like to mingle with some who don’t share our views.

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