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2030 Petrol/Diesel Ban: APPG Fair Fuel For UK Motorists And Hauliers Report Released

By 2nd August 2021August 5th, 2021No Comments

All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) report provides the scrutiny that has so far been avoided by the government.

For some time now the ABD has been working diligently with FairFuelUK, the Motorcycle Action Group, GWPF, and other significant stakeholders to produce a definitive report for the FairFuel All Party Parliamentary Group for UK Motorists and UK Hauliers. FairFuelUK’s Howard Cox, the architect of the report, is backed by the RHA and Logistics UK. Howard has closely consulted the ABD personnel to produce, as Craig Mackinlay, the APPG Chair says “probably one of the most authoritative reports on the subject ever written. Howard says: “We have listened to thousands of road users, from cyclists, bikers, motorists, through to our vital frontline and essential much undermined and undervalued commercial vehicle drivers, to publish a true representation of the facts, economic consequences and public opinion towards the Government’s un-consulted 2030 ban and the push for us ALL to drive electric.”

This report alerts government to the pitfalls associated with an inadvisably hasty, imprecisely costed, inadequately analysed, uncritical adoption of Net Zero policies; and, in particular, with the 2030 “cliff-edge” cut-off for sales of internal combustion engined vehicles (ICEVs).

Entitled: “What does the 2030 fossil fuelled new vehicle sales ban really mean to the economy, environment, and UK’s 37m drivers”, the report is available here: and its findings are totally corroborated by the results of a comprehensive survey of the opinions of some 50,000 road users.

Its primary policy recommendations are outlined below; along with the identification of those policy areas which currently lack clarity, and require further full investigation:

  • 7 Practical means to lower emissions without banning new diesel and petrol vehicles by 2030.
  • A plethora of expert opinions on recent Government edicts, effective ways to reduce emissions, and for the circumnavigation of any economic doomsday scenarios.
  • Several questions of the Government on behalf of UK’s 37m drivers, as to the viability and cost of the Government’s unexpectedly early 2030 target date for banning new fossil fuelled car and van sales.
  • A ‘cradle-to-grave’ review of Electric Vehicles compared to Petrol/Diesel driven Transport. Highlighting safety, production, electricity supply and practicality of EVs.
  • Querying whether the Government has yet truly identified a fair and equitable replacement for £35bn of annual Fuel Duty and VAT.
  • The largest ever survey of road user opinion, that backs a series of recommendations from the APPG, regarding meeting the need for vehicle emissions abatement without the adoption of Government’s evidently very electorally unpopular current road user policies.
  • A better way to lower vehicle emissions than using ineffective ‘Pay to Pollute’ policies and “cliff-edge” vehicle sales bans.

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