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End Of The Road For Classic Cars?

By 26th July 2021One Comment

Decarbonisation Minister states that there are no plans to remove older cars and classic cars from the roads “at this stage.”

Minister Rachel Mclean made the comments in an interview with Autocar (1). A recent report by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) (2) highlighted the economic value of the classic car industry, which has a annual turnover of £18 billion and supports 113,000 jobs. A conservative estimate of the value of the UK’s historic and classic car fleet in the report is £12.6 billion.

ABD Spokesman Paul Biggs said: “The obvious aim of the ban on new petrol and diesel car sales by 2030 is to end the sale of petrol and diesel fuels as soon as possible. This has huge implications, not only for classic vehicles or other vehicles with a long lifespan, but also the 6000 essential products that are made from refining oil. No one is telling us how these products will be replaced and there is no comfort in Rachel Mclean’s words for the long term future of classic or older vehicles.”

The soon to be released report on the 2030 Petrol and Diesel ban by the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) Fair Fuel for UK Motorists and Hauliers represents the beginning of a proper scrutiny of a government policy that has so far avoided rational debate and a proper cost:benefit analysis.


Notes for editors

(1) How the government plans to steer UK transport to net-zero by 2030:

(2) The Economic and Environmental Impact Of The Historic And Classic Motor Industry In The UK:

One Comment

  • Steve Dommett says:

    Hello, I wonder if the ABD is aware of the further threat to owners of ICE cars in the Environment Bill? Sections 76-79 will permit the govt to issue compulsory recall notices. Manufacturers or dealers will be compelled to recall vehicles and make them comply with current regulations or destroy them!
    Regards, Steve (Member 100112)

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