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Climate Change

UN Climate Report: Alarmism On Steroids

By 12th August 2021No Comments

50 years of failed predictions continue with yet another 10 years to avert the end of the world.

A brief history of UN alarmism and failed predictions: In 1972 Maurice Strong gave us 10 years to avoid catastrophe. In 1982 his successor Mostafa Tolba gave us 18 years to avoid environmental catastrophe. In 1989 another UN official gave us 10 years to fix climate change before it was beyond human control. In 1990 Tolba gave us until 1995 to fix global warming. In 2019 the UN gave us 11 years to avert catastrophe, which brings us to 2021, where we have another 10 years. (1) This is ‘the boy who cried wolf’ on steroids.

ABD Environment spokesman Paul Biggs said: “We expected climate alarmism to be ramped up ahead of COP26, which will be attended by the fossil fuel dependent jet-setting elite. The majority of UK drivers and home owners, who aren’t part of the rich elite, face large financial costs and restrictions as the UK virtue signals with its Net Zero 2050 policy for its less than 1% contribution to global man-made CO2. A Net Zero UK is irrelevant to climate and we are still waiting for official bona fide cost:benefit analyses for both Net Zero 2050 and the 2030 petrol/diesel ban (2). It’s simply incredible that these policies are proceeding in such a fiscally irresponsible way.”

We drivers have been on the sticky end of this wicket for a while now – which is why we keep on about it. Now that the false climate emergency is being ramped up further, threatening not just our transport and travel, but also our home heating, availability of power, and even what we eat, perhaps at long last people will come together against the threat to our very way of life, which is man-made (political) and very real.


Notes for Editors

(1) We have about 10 years to save the planet:

(2) APPG 2030 petrol/diesel ban report:

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