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Speed Limiters (ISA)

Press Release: Say NO to Speed Limiters

By 19th May 20192 Comments

The ABD strongly opposes the introduction of EU mandated vehicle speed limiters which are due to be approved this October, regardless of whether we stay in the EU. We urge all motorists to write to their MP and MEP on the issue:

1. Crashes involving speeds above limit as a factor are only 5%. It is easy to assume that these 5% could be prevented by ISA. The assumption is false as the vast majority of these involve other factors such as drink/drugs, criminal activity, stolen vehicles, unlicensed drivers, reckless driving etc.

2. No research has been carried out into possible negative effects. It is likely that drivers will be inclined to simply drive ‘foot to the floor’ up to the limiter. This could result in faster speeds within limits. Driving too fast within speed limits (failing to adjust speed to conditions) is a far bigger problem than limit excesses and results in a far larger number of crashes. Exacerbating the problem is dangerous. ISA could also cause a further deterioration of the vital skill of setting speeds to conditions, probably the most important skill set a driver needs.

3. The motor industry has enough difficulties already with ULEZ zones and nonsensical taxation policies causing drivers to hold off purchasing vehicles. ISA could cause a temporary boom in sales to get in before its implementation but after that sales could fall dramatically.

4. We are told that the system can be switched off. However there are strong noises that this will only be a temporary measure and is not to be trusted.

5. Limits in the UK are not set scientifically but on the whims of politicians urged on by hysterical campaigners. We need a proper scientific method that ignores hysteria and political aspirations. The 85th percentile method must be restored as a basis for limit setting to maximise safety and smooth traffic flow. Get the limits right and safety is maximised.

6. On motorways the dangerous practice of cruising alongside others could dramatically increase as all vehicles will be at similar speeds. Many drivers are ignorant of these dangers.

7. The ABD firmly believes that the main driver behind ISA implementation is to gain acceptance of autonomous cars. These vehicles will form mobile road blocks as other drivers attempt to drive at speeds they perceive correctly to be safe for what they see ahead.


  • Paul Stanbridge says:

    Where do you get the “they perceive correctly” bit from? Speed limits are the upper limit, driving above them is by definition dangerous

    • Roger Lawson says:

      Your views are not those held by the ABD and clearly not by many drivers in all circumstances. Unfortunately as the article makes clear, speed limits are often not set appropriately and what is an appropriate speed depends on road conditions, the weather and the type of vehicle you are driving. No single figure put on a sign is going to cover all the circumstances which is why ISA should not be supported.

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