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Road Safety

Press Release: Common Sense On Drink Drive Limit Welcomed

By 14th May 2019No Comments

The ABD welcomes today’s news that the Government does not intend to lower the drink-drive limit in England and Wales as figures have shown that lowering the limit in Scotland has had no effect on the number of accidents caused by drink drivers. The ABD has long highlighted the facts that lowering the drink drive limit will have no effect on the drink driving problem.

ABD Director Brian Gregory said: “We have a serious drink drive problem. However it is not caused by responsible people who abide by current limits and almost invariably stay well clear of them having one or maybe two drinks over a longer period or with a meal. There is no evidence such levels of alcohol increase risk. The danger is caused by hardened drink drivers who persistently drive whilst well over the existing limit. Only stronger action and enforcement will deter such people.”

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