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Road Safety

Press Release: Raising Speed Limits for Lorries has Improved Road Safety and Increased Productivity

By 28th June 2019No Comments

Another ABD prediction comes true and the likes of Brake are proved wrong again.

In 2015 speed limits were increased for goods vehicles over 7.5 tons from 40 to 50mph on single carriageways and from 50 to 60mph on dual carriageways. A new report from the Department for Transport shows that allowing HGVs to travel 10mph faster has saved industry millions of pounds per year and has produced a statistically significant improvement in road safety.

ABD Spokesman Paul Biggs said: “The ABD welcomed the speed limit increase for HGVs in 2015 and the positive results are in line with our expectations. This is an important reminder of the fact that setting appropriate speed limits improves safety and helps the economy. Groups that campaign for lower speed limits have been proved wrong again”.

Notes: DfT Report: Speed limit change helps increase productivity:

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