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Press Release: Fix the Goalposts on Car Taxation

By 7th June 20192 Comments

Our car industry is dying due to uncertain taxation policies with local mayors, councils and future governments able to introduce taxes at whim. Today’s ‘compliant’ car could be tomorrow’s target for more ‘eco taxes’ and buyers simply will not take this risk.

The ABD calls for an immediate, firm and permanent commitment from the government that cars bought today will not face any increases in local or national taxation in future.

ABD environment spokesman Paul Biggs said: “Any vehicle that continues to pass the MOT and emissions tests should be allowed on the roads without any extra taxes or restrictions. All vehicles should be allowed to reach their end of life without forced premature scrappage. Mobile goalposts must be stopped”.



    Totally agree.
    Government has been taxing vehicles on their emissions for may years and I firmly believe that not further taxation should be applied to these vehicles regards congestion or environmental reasons.
    Government want all these vehicle taxed and running on the UK’s road’s for revenue only.
    I also think ALL tolls should be abolished as only England is now tolled for use of roads, bridges or tunnels.

    • Terry Hudson says:

      While having local mayors seems a good idea on paper and it is maybe for certain things, it is totally wrong that they can interfere on what is a NATIONAL asset; i.e. roads.
      We are now on the verge of multiply CAZ zones all over the country, all with different ideas on what type of vehicle are going to be charged for and totally different types of payment schemes.
      Once again, fine money will be a large part of the revenue stream with many drivers not knowing how long they have to pay-up, or how to!
      As it says in the article, if the vehicle has a valid MOT certificate, why should these mayors/councils be above set national standards and ban certain types of vehicles on a whim?

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