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Press Release: Profitable Vehicle Industry CARmageddon?

By 13th January 2020No Comments

In any other large industry, falling sales for the fourth year in a row would be a serious cause for concern.

When its new car sales are hit, the government, who have totally caved in to extortionate demands from environmental climate scare campaigners, shows utter indifference.

The figures are stark; a 2.4% decline to 2.3 million new registered vehicles with the small business market down a significant 34.4%

Diesels sales have dropped for thirty-three consecutive months, plummeting 21.8% last year.

Honda is closing its Swindon factory in 2021, Ford is closing its Bridgend factory later this year, others are reducing their workforce or working more limited hours.  Falling demand is putting jobs, livelihoods and revenue for the government’s spending plans all at serious risk.

Chargeable Clean Air Zones, Workplace Parking Levies, diesel misinformation, expensive and limited parking have added uncertainty to falling demand.

Mandating electric power before it is either standardised or reliable enough for long journeys and affordable, is contemptible.

Road transport accounts for 84% of all journeys, the private car is the transport choice for the majority of people, yet the government seems determined to force drivers off the road and create unemployment.  

The Alliance of British Drivers says that with a new decade, these anti-car, anti-citizen policies must stop!  


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