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Press Release: Birmingham Plans to Ban Drivers From City Centre

By 17th January 2020January 19th, 2020No Comments

Birmingham City Council continued its war against motorists by announcing a ban on drivers using city centre roads

The Vital A38 arterial route is under threat from the Birmingham Transport Plan (1)

Birmingham City Council (BCC) intends to ban private cars from the city centre and ‘re-purpose’ the A38 tunnels running through the centre of Birmingham, diverting traffic around the ring road. If this plan is allowed to go ahead it will surely result in day-long queues back onto the likes of the M6, A38 and A34.

ABD West Midlands Spokesman Paul Biggs said: “Birmingham’s war on the private car has been massively ramped up with the latest plans, which threaten to sever the vital A38 arterial route and cause hardship to a great many people. Restricting transport choice and routes is an act of pure spite.

They have already decided to destroy a vital flyover on the A34.

BCC continues to promote the absurd political construct of a ‘climate emergency’ and make the false claim that 900 people die each year due to air pollution, which is a statistical construct based on unreliable epidemiology that doesn’t refer to real people or real deaths in a 21st Century where people are living years longer (3).”

The plan also includes;

A Work Place Parking Levy,

Reduced numbers of car parking spaces with increased charges,

‘Sprint’ bus lanes on the A34/A45,

Blanket 20mph limits, which have recently shown to have no tangible benefits by a comprehensive DfT report (2),

More Cycle Lanes due to their political obsession with the transport red-herring known as ‘cycling.’

The Consultation on the plans will run from 28th January to 27th March 2020.


Notes for editors

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