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Press Release: Fancy Becoming a “Climate Serf”?

By 7th November 20192 Comments

How much do you value your freedom of movement; the ability to go where you want, when you want and by your preferred transport mode? How would you feel if you were compelled to give up using your car, and therefore corralled in your local area? Or forced to rely on inflexible, expensive and inefficient public transport? How does being the contemporary equivalent of a Medieval serf appeal to you?

Think this can’t happen in a democracy? Well think again. The government recently published a Science and Technology Select Committee report [See Reference 1 below] which states baldly:

“In the long-term, widespread personal vehicle ownership does not appear to be compatible with significant decarbonisation.”

So even if you are “green” enough to get rid of a perfectly satisfactory petrol or diesel car, and to purchase an Electric Vehicle, it still won’t be enough. By 2050 you will have to forego personal mobility (i.e., your car or PTW) and will actually be a climate serf, a slave to the cultists of the pseudo-scientific, quasi-religious Climate Change Movement.

It won’t end there either: you will also be told how (i.e., by electricity only) and when you may heat your home; when you are allowed to use (only those) appliances permitted by these acolytes of what amounts to a Climate Inquisition. And you can completely forget the idea of flying anywhere on holiday, too.

Why is this? So that by 2050, Britain can meet the 2008 Climate Change Act’s net zero carbon dioxide emissions obligations, with which some of our intellectually-challenged politicians have unilaterally saddled us.

Be very clear, the “science” underpinning the concept of runaway man-made climate change is anything but “settled”: it is highly questionable (see Notes for Editors below). Legislation to allegedly control the terrestrial climate control is actually aimed at controlling you! None of the measures the UK government is in the process of implementing will have any measurable effect on the terrestrial climate. This is especially true, given that countries like China and India produce tens of times the UK’s declining total emissions – while theirs will continue to grow dramatically for the foreseeable future [References 2, 3].

If you want to regain control of your own destiny rather than being dictated to by the misinformed start being proactive now. Write to your MP. Tell him (or her) that they won’t get your vote at any election if they continue to support the basket of unwarranted and repressive policies spawned by the Climate Change Act’s scientifically-flawed crusade against carbon dioxide. Tell your friends and make them aware they are being led down the garden path by suggestible, gullible politicians and modern-day Luddite zealots.

If you want to actively help staunch the flow of “green” (naïve and gullible) falsehoods and retain personal mobility join the Alliance of British Drivers.



Notes for Editors:

  • 500 Scientists say there is no “Climate Emergency”: See: 
  • Man-made carbon dioxide emissions represent only 4% of the total from all sources. The remaining 96% are natural, highly variable and in no way subject to human control.
  • Carbon dioxide is an essential trace gas for life on Earth. Without it, this world would be a lifeless mud-ball. Below about 170ppmv of carbon dioxide, plant life is no longer sustainable; leading to the consequent rapid extinction of all animal life (including humanity).
  • Many people argue that our terrestrial climate is primarily determined by the interaction between the solar wind and the Earth’s cosmic ray environment. These fluctuate sufficiently over millennial timescales to induce climate extremes spanning anything from Warm Periods (as currently) to Ice Ages. Variations in our solar orbit, precession of our axis of rotation, eccentricity of our orbital path, tectonic and other (non-greenhouse gas) factors introduce further perturbations.
  • It can also be argued that carbon dioxide is a climate tracker, not a climate determinant. When chronologically-synchronised, historical averaged global temperatures and carbon dioxide levels are tracked over billions of years, temperature changes always precede corresponding changes in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels by between 200 and 800 years (due to the massive heat capacity of the Earth’s oceans; which warm – and cool – only very slowly).
  • In summary, evidence of man-made climate change is debateable and the chance of changing the climate by actions in the UK alone are negligible anyway. Returning the UK to a medieval economy will be far more damaging than any benefit from reducing carbon emissions.



  • Robert Manning says:

    The only thing more terrifying than a cabal of global elites conspiring to enslave 99.9% of the population on a false climate change pretext, is if the climate change part is actually true. Those you participate in denial, play by their rules and conform to the denier trope that they have popularised. The doomsday visions that they keep pumping out are convincing because people believe what they see, regardless of ‘science’. There is only one way that the masses can be persuaded to open their eyes and see the bigger threat, and that is by shouting that eternal serfdom for your children is not a price you are willing to pay, a nightmare worse than any of the ones we are supposed to believe.

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