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Climate Change

Hypocrites? Or Do They Secretly Not Believe Man is Materially Influencing the Climate?

By 13th November 2021No Comments

Many are complaining of the hypocritical behaviour of politicians and world leaders with their ‘Do as as I say, not as I do’ attitude.

Is flying around in private jets, living in huge mansions and using motorcades of large SUVs; whilst dictating the plebs should be on bicycles really the likely behaviour of true believers that such actions are destroying the planet?

ABD Director of Policy Brian Gregory commented; “You would not find a vegan nipping in for a secret Big Mac or a devout religious worshipper going against the rules their God has set for them. So why do we see such behaviour from our politicians? Maybe it’s because they don’t really believe the far-fetched nonsense they are spouting. After all, these are supposedly intelligent people. Therefore the question that needs to be asked is: ‘What are their real motives’?

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