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Climate Change

FLOP 26: Top 10 Failed Climate Predictions For 2020

By 8th November 2021No Comments

ABD advice to everyone including drivers: when presented with an unverifiable and alarming climate prediction, including those that use climate models, ask to see the data. Remember that models aren’t data or reality.

1. 1987: NASA’s James Hansen predicted that the world would be 3C warmer by 2020. Wrong! Global Average Temperature was about 0.44C higher in 2020.

2. 1978: The concentration of atmospheric CO2 to double by 2020. Wrong! Levels increased by 23%.

3. 2009: China to cut emissions 40-45% below 2005 level by 2020; India to cut 20-25%. Wrong! 2020 Reality: China’s 2020 emissions ~85% HIGHER than 2005; India’s ~150% HIGHER.

4. 2008: Snow on Kilimanjaro to vanish by 2020. Wrong! 2020 reality: snow still there.

5. 1986: EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) predicts 2 feet of sea level rise for Florida by 2020. Wrong! 2020 Reality: Sea level rise + subsidence in South Florida since 1986 has been less than 4 inches.

6. 2000: By 2020 snow will be so unfamiliar, people won’t know how to deal with it. Wrong! 2020 Reality: It still snows in the UK, the Met Office still forecasts snow and in 2020 Scotland boasted of its fleet of snow trucks being ready for action.

7. 2000: Global warming will ruin Pacific Island Nations economies by 2020. Wrong! 2020 Reality: As of 2019, Tuvalu, for example, was enjoying an unprecedented 6-year economic growth spurt.

8. 2004: Pentagon says climate change-caused resources shortages to cause global war by 2020. Wrong! 2020 Reality: Nations largely at peace. Planet only at war with Coronavirus.

9. 2013: Arctic ice-free by 2020. Wrong! 2020 Reality: The prediction was 3.9 million square kilometres wrong at the annual minimum in September 2020.

10. 2009: Glaciers gone from Montana Glacier National Park by 2020. Wrong! 2020 Reality: What are gone are the signs claiming Glacier National Park glaciers would be gone by 2020.


Notes for editors

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