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The Governments agenda for continued aggression and harassment on those choosing to drive, has prompted further steps to make driving more unpleasant and without doubt leading to more convictions.

Will this result in increased ‘sales’ of Awareness Courses?

The main points that they are going to impose:-

“Review the existing guidance in the Highway Code to improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians”.

There are already twenty-five pages in the Highway Code devoted to cyclists, pedestrians, mobility scooter users: how many of these users have ever read them?

“Invest £100,000 to support police enforcement by developing a national back office function to handle dash cam footage”

While dash-cams can be useful as evidence in dangerous situations, the idea that the police are going to support widespread surveillance and allow this quisling army of self-righteous hypocrites to spread state sponsored hatred, is beyond condemnation.  On Armistice Day we have all these politicians going on about people dying for our freedom blah, blah, blah and now they are setting up their own secret Stasi that would make Stalin proud!

“Improve enforcement against parking in cycle lanes”

That should cheer delivery drivers up and those held up, as they park on the outside of cycle lanes, just trying to do their job.

 “Appoint a cycle and walking champion”.

 Job comes with a car?

“Encourage local authorities to increase investment in cycling and walking infrastructure to 15% of total transport infrastructure spending”.

Deny drivers a parking, space and you deny them the journey, so expect less parking spaces and at a greater cost. Plus, less money for road maintenance.

“Engage with cycling and walking bodies to develop a behaviour change campaign”.

 So exclude sixty million car users (drivers and passengers) for the benefit of a tiny fraction of the population that wants to just do as they like, unheeded by legislation.

Licence holders have hundreds of rules/regulations they must obey and are severely punished if they get it wrong.  For cyclists there is not much they can get punished for and certainly there is very little enforcement of regulations.  As for pedestrians; then it is a free-for-all.

Every year millions of mostly safe drivers are punished for meaningless infractions of the law. By continually putting all the road safety emphasis on the licence holder, is it any wonder that accident reduction has stabilised, when the vast majority of road users pedestrians and cyclists can do what they like with complete impunity from punishment!


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  • Bromley says:

    Is that why pretty much all cycle lanes are just laying there empty most of the time? I don’t know why they think they can suddenly turn London into a Big city equivilent of Amsterdam. This madness has to stop!

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