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Climate Change

COP 26: A Two Week Boondoggle For Climate Liars And Hypocrites

By 29th October 2021No Comments

120 world leaders could have met via Zoom and there is no justification for a jet-setting entourage of 25,000 people.

Aside from UK taxpayers footing the COP 26 bill, we are also threatened by virtue-signalling ‘Net Zero 2050’ policies that have avoided any proper democratic or consultation process or cost:benefit analysis. The false ‘climate emergency’ narrative has no supporting data.

Proceedings will be opened by Prince Charles who must be surprised to be there having given us only 96 months (8 years) to save the world in 2009 (1). In 2020, three years after the world ended, Charles took an £82,000 trip to Davos in a private jet in order to give a speech on climate change (2).

Over the next two weeks ABD press releases will include climate facts based on actual data rather than implausible model scenarios and downright lies. The global climate agenda has little to do with climate – it’s a plaything of the rich and is squarely aimed at total control over the lives of ordinary people who aren’t members of the rich elite with access to private jets. Drivers will bear the brunt of policies aimed at forcing us off the roads.


Notes for editors

(1) 2009: The Economic Times: Prince Charles ‘calculation’: Just 96 months to save planet:

(2) 2020: Prince Charles took £82k trip in private jet to Davos speech on climate change:

A ‘Boondoggle’ is an unnecessary, pointless, wasteful project or activity that gives the appearance of having value and uses public funds.

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