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What MPs Are Saying About The CEBR Cost:Benefit Analysis Of The 2030 Petrol/Diesel Vehicles Ban

By 14th October 20223 Comments

The release of the CEBR report analysing the cost/benefit of the 2030 ban on new petrol/diesel cars has prompted some powerful statements of support from MPs:

Craig McKinlay MP, Chair of the FairFuel APPG and Net Zero Scrutiny Group says:

“This in-depth study from the CEBR shows unequivocally that the costs of the proposed ban on petrol and diesel vehicles would be many times the benefits. Strikingly, even when using the Government’s own methodology on carbon pricing, the study finds that the costs are a staggering five times the estimated benefits.

Other reports show the CO2 savings of electric vehicles are limited, not to mention the reality of the limited supply of the elements required for batteries largely under Chinese control and the human misery associated with the mining process.

No policy can be justified which has such an unbalanced ratio of costs to benefits, under a range of different assumptions. I really hope the Government will study these results carefully and abandon a policy that can only leave people worse off. It’s time for a more nuanced approach to decarbonising transport that allows for innovation across the automotive sector.

Continuing with this rigid and authoritarian ban risks disaster.”

Tory MP, Karl McCartney, Member of the Transport Select Committee, says:

“Some of our overzealous colleagues in Parliament have devoutly followed the 2030/2050 ‘Net Zero’ mantra like lemmings.

They should watch ‘The Big Reset’, it will blow their minds. This report very firmly puts them and the civil servants and ‘green’ lobby on notice that there is a vast and terrible economic cost, for both our Country and every individual who lives here, to achieve their unrealistic aims. I say unrealistic as some of us have been pilloried and castigated for speaking out, and pointing out their fallacies. Just one example: There are 35m + vehicles in the UK.

They cannot be ‘removed’ nor replaced by expensive electric vehicles: there is not enough raw materials for the batteries required in the world, nor is there the power generation capacity available, nor is there the infrastructure to deliver such power requirements daily(nightly), or weekly, to the required number of individual vehicles, even if such power could be generated.

There will still be ICE vehicles on land, sea and air, and maybe alternatives to fossil fuels might be a route to follow, with synthetic fuels maybe being a part of the solution of how we transport ourselves, foods, goods and materials around after 2930/2050. As a Country we need to support personal choice and vehicle autonomy: the vast majority of my constituents will never contemplate the economic lunacy of an electric vehicle.

A new vehicle to them and their family is the equivalent of an average 8 yr old ICE Ford Mondeo. The self-appointed metropolitan elite need to extricate their heads and wake up to the detrimental costs to our nation’s people and economy of what they have been led to believe, and have given their tacit support too, and drive back to the reality checked side of the UK road.”

Tory MP, John Redwood says: “Banning new ICE vehicles will destroy jobs and investment in the UK. It says the UK is against the vehicle industry and personal transport choice. New electric cars produce a lot more CO2 in their manufacture and are usually dearer than ICE. We are short of battery manufacturing and lack easy access to materials needed for batteries.”

Labour MP Graham Stringer says: “The assessed cost of the planned ban on petrol and diesel vehicles is a staggering £400 billion, over five times the expected benefits.

It has been disappointing to see the Government push ahead with this damaging policy, showing very little sensitivity to the damage it is likely to do.

The automotive industry is already struggling and this report paints a bleak picture of the likely impact of the ban. An alternative approach cannot come quickly enough.”

The full CEBR report ‘Economic impacts of the 2030 – 2040 bans on the sale of fossil fuel vehicles’ can be found on the Fair Fuel UK website:


  • laurence glassonbury says:

    As with the most of Western Europe we are being governed by idiots ! Who could not care less about the people they claim to represent, as we have seen with the corona virus scam there experts and science are flawed, we have a political elite who take there orders from outside institutions such as the WEF,UN, WHO and the dreaded EU none of these institutions are impartial and they are all equally funded by the very parasites who have a vested interest in pushing these agendas

  • Jason russell says:

    Most of the baffons in Parliament are asleep at the meetings, they are all for themselves and need to get out of London thinking for once, this is crippling too many tradesman who just cannot afford to be upgrading a totally functioning vehicle that meets mot requirements.
    I myself are boycotting caz charging areas and taking my business elsewhere, until the areas with caz start fighting back they will suffer
    . The council policy in most areas causes increases in pollution by adding more traffic calming areas cycle lanes bus lanes etc, they really have no idea that moving traffic is more environmentally friendly than standing idling traffic, wake up smell the coffee and admit that electric vehicles are not the way out of this situation they are NOT net zero and destroy this planet more than what we have already.

  • Alastair Willett says:

    I am currently being charged £520 per year to put my car on the roads. This money should be ring-fenced to repair pot holes and upgrade road surfaces which is obviously not happening nationwide. At the same time the road space available to me as a motorist is being systematically reduced by the imposition of LEZs, rarely used cycle lanes and no go bus and taxi lanes while electric cars get off Scot free. I am in no doubt that climate change has been happening for the last 400 million years of Earths existence and victimising the UK motorist will have produce a barely calculable effect.
    I object most strongly for paying to Road tax my car at the current level whilst being restricted in my car use by the imposition of the above and demand a reduction in road tax charges.
    Stop victimising British motorists.

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