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Ultra Low Emissions Zones (ULEZ) Will Affect YOU

By 24th July 2022September 12th, 2022No Comments

– but not in the way you may think. Big Drain on your pocket: Little or no difference to air quality (1).

Many are complacent about Sadiq Khan’s proposed extension to the London ULEZ to all of Greater London as they have compliant vehicles. They should be worried.

ABD spokesman Duncan White explains:

“Whilst ULEZ currently affects mainly older diesels or petrol vehicles, do not be fooled into thinking this will last. As soon as the system is in place there will inevitably be moves to tighten the rules. Your compliant car could soon be the next target of daily charges. Indeed we expect all petrol and diesel cars to eventually be included.”

Duncan White continued: “Do not assume this is just a London issue. Mayors and councils all over the country are closely watching this scheme with eager eyes”.

The ABD urges drivers everywhere to use their voice now and object before this scheme creeps to every city, town and even village.

In conjunction with FairFuel UK we have made it easier for you to express your opposition to these punitive plans via a templated email. Please enter your contact details below, whether you live in, or only visit London. You can edit or add to the email’s content as well. Once you are happy with your email, click on the ‘SEND’ Button.


Link to Petition:

(1) ULEZ contributes marginally to cleaner air:

ISSUE DATE: 24 July 2022

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