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Speed Limiters (ISA)

Press Release: Mandatory Speed Limiters: Danger, Diktat and Big Brother Rolled into One

By 10th April 2019No Comments

The Alliance of British Drivers (ABD) are demanding a full public consultation by the UK Government over a wide-ranging EU compulsory Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) policy that has serious implications for a number of issues including privacy via ‘Black Boxes.’ ABD spokesman Paul Biggs said: “Previous trials of so-called ‘Intelligent Speed Adaptation’ have suggested an increased risk of inappropriate speed UNDER the posted limit due to ‘foot to the floor’ driving style in the knowledge that the speed limit can’t be exceeded. Driving too fast for the prevailing road conditions is already a bigger contributory factor than the 5% of accidents where exceeding the speed limit is a factor. Many speed limits have been reduced to unreasonable levels, which causes enormous frustration for drivers. Setting speed limits correctly in the first place achieves the greatest compliance.” Poor observation remains the number one factor in accidents. In car technology should be used to give drivers the information they need to make them safer drivers rather than undermining their ability via Big Brother external control that also tracks and data logs the vehicle. It’s also clear that the EU intends to make sure that there will be no ‘off switch’ a short time after ISA in introduced. Readers of this press release should complain to their Member of Parliament and request they ask Ministers to block this proposal, whether we are in the EU or not. Ends

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