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Press Release: Give NHS Staff Free Parking Says ABD

By 1st April 2020No Comments

We were all asked to go outside and clap to show our support and appreciation of NHS staff in these troubling times and many millions responded.

We have many politicians and the media thanking them for their devotion to duty.

Thousands have come out of retirement to help.

Though these are unprecedented times, should we forget all the good work they do under more normal circumstances?

If something good is to come from all this, should NHS staff be thanked, by giving them free parking at hospitals?

There are pro’s and con’s whether the general public should pay, but charging workers who work all manner of shifts, well beyond any form of public transport timetables, is morally wrong.

Director Paul Biggs says “Maybe the government should stop attacking road transport too, which is keeping the NHS and shops supplied and the private car avoids the inevitable virus transmission via trains and buses”.

So come on Boris Johnson, no more hollow words, make the gesture!

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