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Press Release: BoJo Turns The Nanny State Into The Bully State

By 29th July 2020September 12th, 2022No Comments

A raft of new laws prioritising cyclists ramps up the war on drivers under the guise of fighting obesity

Following Nanny State instructions on what we eat, how we travel and exercise is the next target. Boris Johnson has announced more new policies (1), which include thousands of miles of protected cycle lanes, cycling on prescription from the NHS, £50 cycle repair vouchers, a fiscally irresponsible £300 grant towards a £1000 e-bike, ill-considered changes to the Highway Code, and new laws allowing residents a say on closing roads to through traffic with drivers referred to as ‘rats.’ Cycle training will be offered, but there is still no requirement for cyclists without driving licences to pass a test or read the Highway Code.

ABD Spokesman Paul Biggs said: Cycling infrastructure is a good thing providing it doesn’t remove road space from essential motorised traffic, which inevitably results in more congestion and emissions. If this was really about exercise there are better and safer forms of exercise that could be promoted by the government instead of cycling. The recent ‘pop-up’ cycle lanes and closing of roads has already caused uproar with residents, commuters and delivery drivers, who face delays and diversions, along with dangerous delays to emergency vehicles. Empty pop-up cycle lanes suggest it’s unlikely that people will be forced to cycle if they really don’t want to.”

Changes to the Highway Code such as overtaking cyclists and cyclists riding two-abreast are clearly intended to obstruct motorised traffic, which will allow prioritisation of the judgement of cyclists, who aren’t required to pass any test, over drivers who are. The High Street, the economy and those who can’t or don’t want to cycle will clearly suffer from policies being driven by the unrepresentative cycling obsessed few involved in advising the government. ‘Cycling and walking’ is a sound bite, not a credible transport policy for moving goods and people around the UK.


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