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Press Release: Anti-Driver Lobby Continues To Exploit COVID-19 Crisis

By 15th April 2020No Comments

Not content with calling for lower speed limits to obstruct and prosecute key workers, non-essential joggers and cyclists could be prioritised over essential drivers and vehicles in ‘car-free’ streets.

The Times (1) reports that roads in built-up areas may be converted into car-free zones to create extra space for joggers and cyclists during lockdown.

ABD Spokesman Paul Biggs said: “At a time when vehicle reliant key workers such as mobile carers, NHS staff, delivery drivers etc, are working hard to provide care and keep shops and hospitals supplied, the senseless, shameless anti-driver lobby comes up with ideas to obstruct them in favour of people who aren’t working. Whether we like it or not, the Government have made it clear that they want people to ‘Stay Home’ as much as possible in order to minimise the spread of virus. Driving a car is the lowest risk form of transport in terms of virus transmission. Jogging and cycling entails heavy breathing outdoors, which is obviously a higher risk. However, it is quite possible for all three to coexist with the common sense and courtesy that is currently being displayed by the vast majority. There is no need for any activity to be banned, including essential car travel, but the roads need to be kept clear for those who actually need to use them rather than being closed for spurious reasons.”

Notes for editors

(1) Coronavirus: Cars to be banned from roads so joggers can exercise safely during lockdown:


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