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Press ReleaseReduced Road Space. Covid-19 As Excuse

Press Release: 1m Rule Makes ‘Social Distancing’ Road Blockages Redundant

By 22nd June 2020September 12th, 2022No Comments

ISSUE DATE: 22 June 2020

Many current and proposed road blockages are now unnecessary argue the ABD.

Spokesperson Paul Biggs explains:

“Anti-car authorities all over the UK have relished the chance to obstruct motorised traffic under the guise of encouraging walking and cycling by enabling 2 metre distancing. Most of these schemes have dubious merit and many have simply resulted in making life more difficult for drivers, clogging up the roads whilst the extra space remains virtually unused. With the expected announcement that a 1 metre gap is sufficient, there is even less justification for such schemes. Existing schemes should be scrapped and no further schemes pursued. The roads must be allowed to flow freely to get the economy back on track.”

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