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Political Establishment’s Persecution of Car Drivers is Totally Unjustified

By 4th February 2020No Comments

Politicians are constantly exhorting us to get out of our “polluting” cars and onto “clean” public transport – and criticising us – from the comfort of their chauffeured limousines, of course – for not doing so.

Well you can rest easy: in your car, you are in the least polluting form of motorised conveyance. Using publicly-accessible sources quoted in the references below, a very different picture from the political dogma emerges:

Cars and taxis account for 77.8% of all national road miles travelled, but are responsible for just 12.4% of national emissions of CO2, 13.5% of national NOx, 5.1% national PM2.5 and 4.7% of national PM10.

Further, on an emissions per billion kilometres basis, a typical bus would need to permanently (24/7 x 365) carry a respective minimum of 25 and 20 passengers to achieve parity on NOx and PMs with a typical, singly-occupied private car. If the car is carrying, say one-, two-, or three passengers, the numbers get worse for public transport by a factor of two, three and four; dramatically further worsening if the car is Euro 6 compliant.

Vehicle Type BnVkm (2017)3 % of Total Distance travelled (2017) % of National Man-made CO21,2 % of National  Man-made NOx1,2 % of National Man-made PM2.51,2 % of National Man-made PM101,2
Cars & Taxis 409.4 77.77 12.40 13.47 5.14 4.72
LCVs 81.3 15.44 3.09 6.01 2.98 2.73
HGVs 27.4 5.21 4.15 9.26 2.88 2.64
Buses/Coaches 3.9 0.74 1.36 3.26 0.99 0.91
Other5 4.4 0.84 0.29 0.29 0.11 0.10
Total 526.4 100.00 21.27 32.29 12.11 11.10

So don’t let duplicitous politicians and eco-zealots pull the wool over your eyes. Persecution of car drivers on emissions grounds is entirely unjustified. Accept NONE of their car bans, ULEZs etc which are all empty virtue-signalling to disguise rapacious, entirely revenue-led policies which have no justification in fact – and even less in science.


1Tate, Dr. James, University of Leeds: “Vehicle Emission Measurement and Analysis – Sheffield City Council”, December 2013 – survey of 28,200 vehicles


3 Road Traffic Levels: Traffic (

4 Global Road Transport % of Man-made CO2 emissions

5 Estimated at 2x typical car/ taxi emissions per BnVkm; most motorbikes having no emissions controls, plus heavy industrial plant vehicles are also in this category.

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