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Guest Article: Guide To Tiredness At The Wheel

By 4th April 2022No Comments

With at least 4% of fatal accidents on UK roads caused by someone falling asleep while driving, raising awareness of driving fatigue and providing solutions has never been more important.

We cover:

The most common causes of driving fatigue

The impacts on brain function and ability to drive when tired

Advice for staying awake while driving

The legal implications of falling asleep while tired

Our research found that:

Tiredness is one of the biggest killers in driving accidents. In 2019, 1,738 people lost their lives on UK roads – 300 of those deaths were as a result of someone falling asleep while driving.

Young drivers are arguably the most at risk, with 29% stating they have started a journey when already feeling tired.

To combat this, awareness of the effects of driving while tired needs to be increased. Driving after 24 hours awake has the same impact on the brain as someone with a blood alcohol content of 0.1%, above the 0.08% legal limit in the UK.

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