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Road Safety

Press Release: Grant Shapps Review of Limits Welcome

By 3rd October 2019No Comments

ABD Argues The Focus Should Be On 85th Percentile To Maximise Safety.

The ABD have long called for an overhaul of speed limits.  The current structure relies far too much on the whim of unqualified politicians both local and national and the limits they set often bear no relation to the road drivers see through their windscreens.

ABD Spokesman Nigel Humphries said:

“Limits need to be depoliticised and set to a strict criteria and to a nationally consistent standard.  This should be based upon the 85th percentile method which has long been established as maximising safety.  Put simply, this sets limits at the speed which 85% of drivers would naturally not exceed in the absence of a limit.  This method recognises that most drivers are able to set a safe speed to the conditions and places such safe drivers within the law whilst criminalising the reckless minority.  It should be recognised that the 85th percentile speed on open motorways is around 79MPH.”

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