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Climate Change

FOI Shows Boris Johnson Was Misled Over Climate By Altered Graphic

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Details of the climate presentation given to Boris Johnson by the Met Office have been released under a freedom of information request (1). It’s clear that the implausible model scenario known as RCP8.5 was used in the presentation despite being declared as having a ‘low likelihood’ in the latest AR6 report from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UN IPCC) (2).

Well published climate analyst Professor Roger Pielke Jr., who is not a climate sceptic and has recently co-authored a new peer reviewed paper on plausible emissions scenarios (3), exposed the use of RCP8.5 in two posts on his Twitter feed (4) (5). Professor Pielke Jr. stated: “Remarkably, the scientists briefing Boris Johnson on climate altered a figure from the government climate assessment to remove the more plausible worst case RCP4.5 scenario so as to emphasise the implausible RCP8.5 – Remarkable”

ABD Environment Spokesman Paul Biggs said: “This is another appalling example of extreme, unfounded climate alarmism being used to drive environmental policies that will hurt drivers and homeowners without having any benefit to climate. Climate and energy policies must be based on realistic scientific assessments in order to be effective and affordable. Boris Johnson has been misled by the use if an implausible climate model scenario. A competent government should seek competitive scientific advice from multiple advisors rather than being directed by a Chief Scientific Advisor.”


Notes for Editors

(1) Climate Change: The science briefing that convinced Boris Johnson:

(2) What does IPCC AR6 say on scenarios and extreme weather?:

(3) Plausible 2005-2050 emissions scenarios project between 2 and 3 degrees C of warming by 2100:



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