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ABD Welcomes About Face In Wales, But Warns Against Being Election Promise

By 23rd April 2024No Comments

The news that Wales is proposing backtracking on its near-blanket 20 mph speed limit in urban areas is a welcome move to acknowledge how unpopular and misguided the policy is. The ABD warns, however, that this is merely a promise of a “review” – no mention of how many (or few) roads might revert to a 30 limit – or when. 

Spokesman Ian Taylor said: “Without wishing to be unduly cynical, the fact is that this promise has been wheeled out just before a lot of local elections. We support and praise those local organisations that have campaigned on the issue and brought about the policy change. This review needs to be undertaken with all speed (pun intended) with 20 limits retained only where there is sufficient robust evidence to warrant the claimed benefits. Otherwise, Wales will still be left with many more lower speed limits than before.”

Chairman Bob Bull said “This should also send a warning to England and Scotland that unwarranted blanket 20 mph limits are unacceptable to the motoring public”.

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