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£15 trillion cost of Net Zero will only reduce temperature by a fraction of a degree

By 28th October 2023No Comments

Net Zero will cost UK tax payers £500 billion per year and under the current government plans, we will be spending £15 trillion to deliver, at best, two-thousandths of a degree reduction in global temperatures, according to a new report.

Analysis by the Alliance of British Drivers shows the UK’s Net Zero approach costs nearly seven times that of a rational, cost-effective adaptation environmental policy.

However, under plans assessed by the World Bank, an adaptation-only climate strategy would cost as little as $70 billion a year for the entire world. Over the next 27 years, this would cost a maximum of $2.7 trillion – as much as seven times less expensive than the UK’s nation specific green agenda. 

The UK government is planning to charge every household just under £20,000 per year for the “privilege” of diminished energy supplies, more expensive commodities, and a complete withdrawal of many normal, everyday items. Net Zero will, by design, negatively affect the public’s quality of life. 

The ABD point to a selection of government commissioned recommendations for Net Zero that demonstrate the backwards direction of travel:

  • Enforcing a 40% reduction in UK road traffic between now and 2050 
  • Ending all commercial air and sea travel 
  • Ending all commercial sea freight 
  • Enforcing the phaseout of domestic and commercial gas heating and cooking 
  • Enforcing a 50% reduction in meat consumption and adoption of insect-based foods 
  • Mandating a fourfold increase in use of erratic, unreliable renewables; with no corresponding essential increase in reliable energy sources
  • The total phaseout of fossil fuel extraction and use; meaning 6,000 products essential for day-to-day life – including antibiotics and many other life-saving drugs and appliances – will no longer be available

Bob Bull, Chairman of the ABD, said: 

This is further proof that any and all arbitrary Net Zero targets should be scrapped. It is clearly a political project that is not founded upon normal economic or scientific standards, let alone public support. 

“Net Zero is a gross mistake that will disproportionally harm those most in need in the United Kingdom. Politicians need to step back from the cliff-edge mentality of environmental doomerism and return to sensible and rational policy making that put the interests of the public first – not vainglorious policies designed for posturing amongst the elite.”

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