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No to LTNs & MRZs

Unite to Liberate “Mobility Restriction Zones”

Numerous councils across the UK and abroad (see: & have unveiled variously-named (unambiguously concerted) plans to keep motorised road transport using local taxpayers confined for large proportions of every week – on pain of accruing significant fines for any contraventions – in Mobility Restriction Zones (MRZs). These MRZ plans were secretly drawn up by council officers; with no public consultation or input whatsoever; so have zero democratic legitimacy.

Dictatorially-imposed gulag-style policies: incarcerating, progressively pauperising and dehumanising their occupants were imposed, notably in the 1930’s & ’40s – with meticulously well-documented, calamitous results. In 21st Century (ostensibly still democratic) Britain, politicians surely cannot be so blindly power-intoxicated as to think they can curtail their electors’ freedoms through watered-down, PC versions of the despicable Warsaw prototype, without suffering both a public opinion-, and a colossal electoral backlash?

The justification for imposing MRZs rests on the irrational assertion that Earth is facing some kind of “climate crisis”; a proposition totally lacking any empirical scientific validation. The temperature variation measurements in the graph below (from: are continuously carried out by a network of fifteen internally-calibrated satellites. These are neither subject to any Urban Heat Island Effect measurement distortions; nor to any NASA/ NOAA data tampering.

Transposing their aggregated data onto a scale any British layperson understands, +30°C to -6°C, c.12°C average (typical of the UK Summer to Winter temperature range); the observed temperature variation is barely discernible. Does this look like any kind of “crisis” to you?

If you do not act to summarily reject MRZ developments – and make this abundantly evident to your local politicians – they will doubtless try (this being a revenue-driven power-grab) to undemocratically forge ahead.