Litter can be said to be a form of pollution. Jennifer Ellison is not impressed by drivers who throw rubbish out of their car. Neither are we — the ABD wholeheartedly supports the Keep Britain Tidy campaign.
We want to see car manufacturers build litter bins into cars, door pockets being a suitable place.
The motorist is accused of polluting the environment. Well of course cars emit some exhaust gases, but the scale of the problem has been hugely exaggerated with the deliberate intention of whipping up public hysteria, and is being used as justification for all manner of restrictions and charges on drivers.
There is so much evidence that cars are actually clean, and getting cleaner with each new model, that it is hard to know where to start, but for a start consider the following.
N.B. Carbon Dioxide is not a pollutant, it is a naturally occurring component of the atmosphere, essential for the growth of vegetation, so you won't find it on this page.

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