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speed cameras suckIf the signs below are too big for your forum, download this one (80x35 pixels, 2012 bytes):

Or if you really want to annoy people, download an animated "Speed Cameras Suck" GIF (80x67 pixels, 3869 bytes). We used to have a picture of this here, but some people just can't be asked and insisted on linking to it rather than downloading it. So now it's in a zip file.
Here's some Speed Camera Signs with a more honest message than the official ones.
As unapproved by Essex Safety Camera Partnership:
"Crass Rubbish"
Brian Ladd, Essex Police / Essex Safety Camera Partnership
East Anglian Daily Times, 1st July 2004

News: Sign confiscated by Thames Valley Police!

Click the thumbnails below to see the full size version.
To download the full images from this page:
Some of these designs are now available as static cling 300 x 75 mm internal stickers from Hollographics

Original Concept and Design by Cybertrucker
You can also download versions of the above signs drawn using the official UK road sign font, in a zip file [194k]

greed cameras

Local Signs

Inspired by Clive Town





Thanks to Clive Town

Inspired by Paul Smith and Gareth Attrill
North Wales

(Welcome to North Wales)
Inspired by Richard Brunstrom ;-)



Click for larger version that you can use as wallpaper:
weapons of mass prosecution

Talking Point
When money talks, then truth is silent - in Russian
This is a Russian proverb. Transliterated it reads: 'Kogda dengi govoryat, togda pravda molchit'
You might know 'Pravda' (Truth) from the Russian newspaper of the same name.
Translated the proverb reads: 'When money talks, then truth is silent'
Before you ask why you'd want to use something in Russian — just consider that anyone seeing it simply won't be able to resist asking you what it means — which gives you a handy opportunity to explain the lies behind speed camera propaganda.

Square versions of some of these signs can be found on our Facebook page.


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