22 April 2007.
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Children's Education to be 'Gored'?
Swindle or Truth - let the kids decide

The Association of British Drivers are concerned that the Government intends to show politician and climate alarmist Al Gore's propaganda film 'An Inconvenient Truth' in schools. The 1996 Education Act prohibits "partisan views on any subject" and Article 407.1 states that schools must ensure that "where political issues are brought to the attention of pupils, they are offered a balanced presentation of opposing views."
ABD spokesman Paul Biggs said,
"The recent Wag TV documentary 'The Great Global Warming Swindle,' shown on Channel 4, has helped debunk the claims made in 'An Inconvenient Truth.' For example, recent peer reviewed scientific publications refute claims that the Gulf Stream is slowing down, and that the heat wave of 2003 or increased hurricane intensity were caused by man-made global warming driven by carbon dioxide. The temperature trends at the surface and in the lower atmosphere (troposphere), along with ocean heat content, are not behaving in the way that climate models of enhanced greenhouse warming say that they should. Malaria will not spread due to global warming and Polar Bears aren't an endangered species. Furthermore, An Inconvenient Truth failed to mention the fact that rises in atmospheric carbon dioxide have lagged behind temperature rises throughout the Earth's climate history."
ABD Environment spokesman Ben Adams said,
"After being vilified — by ministers who have chauffeured limos and an environmental movement that accepts flying long haul to sign copies of a book — for daring to drive their children to school in heavily taxed cars using heavily taxed fuel on a crumbling road network, parents now confront the prospect of their children facing indoctrination dressed up as science. If they want both sides of the global warming debate to be shown, they should ask the headteacher or the governing body to obtain the DVD of The Great Global Warming Swindle."



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