19 Mar 2007.
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Scrap the New Off-Road Vehicles Registration Bill
A new bill put forward by MP Graham Stringer is intended to tackle un-registered, nuisance 'mini-motorcycles' used without an MOT, road tax, insurance or licence. Unfortunately it has been misinterpreted and is now too wide ranging, so that every kind of motorcycle will have to comply with the Road Traffic Act (RTA). All motorcycles, from a racing bike to a museum exhibit, would have to be registered and carry a registration plate. This has serious implications for British motorcycle racing bikes, as they are not RTA compliant, and could also apply to four-wheel motor sport.
The bill was passed at second reading, and is now entering the committee stage. The ABD believes that there are already ample laws covering the illegal use of any kind of vehicle, they just need to be enforced. The bill is therefore fatally flawed and should be scrapped.


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