London, 15 Feb 2006.
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Global Cooling endorsed,
ABD 'Freezelock' affirmed
Russian Expert Predicts Global Cooling from 2012.
Affirms ABD 'Freezelock' scenario (PR # 469, 17 Nov 05).

A process of sustained global cooling is about to start on the Earth and by the middle of the 21st century the planet will be captured by low temperatures, according to a statement from Khabibulo Absudamatov, an expert from the Russian Sciences Academy Observatory, on 06 February.
"We have already witnessed cooling of this kind in Europe, North America and Greenland between 1645-1705, with canals freezing in Holland, and people abandoning settlements because of glaciers in Greenland. This is what we are expecting again" he said. Observations of the Sun's fluctuations, past and present, that influence the climate on Earth show that we have reached the peak of the current phase of natural global warming, Absudamatov said. Now, with the decrease in the Sun's activity and eruptivity, global temperatures are going to decrease (1).
He adds: "In the 20th century, the Sun's activity has been characterized by a general increase in the amount of energy emitted, and global warming was a result of this process. Global warming is by no means an anomaly, but a normal phenomenon. Global warmings, as well as global coolings, have happened before." According to Absudamatov, by 2035 the Sun's activity will have reached its minimum, with a deep cooling of the Earth's climate expected.
ABD Environment Spokesman Ben Adams said:
"Absudamatov refers to the Little Ice Age of the seventeenth century, when in addition to canals freezing in Europe, Frost Festivals were held on the frozen River Thames. This objective view from Absudamatov is in stark contrast to the political hot air we see emanating from the IPCC, which by the admission of one of its own scientists operates on 'preconceived agendas' and is 'scientifically unsound' (2). Recently we have heard shrill statements from political man made global warming acolytes that it's too late to stop meltdown. It would appear that they can rest easy but in the interim, since we are either beyond redemption anyway or about to freeze, fuel tax hikes from the days of the escalator and the more recent King Canute tax in the form of the climate change levy - involving a risible claim that politicians will control the climate when we pay them more tax - should be scrapped immediately."

Notes for Editors:
(1) MosNews 06.02.2006 17:18 MSK (GMT +3)
(2) Resignation statement of IPCC hurricane expert Dr Chris Landsea


Notes for Editors