London, 30 Jan 2005.
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Climate Change Conference
'Disaster for Mobility and Enterprise in 2005'
As social scientists gather in Exeter for a ‘Dangerous Climate Change’ conference between 01 and 03 February, the outcome appears to have been decided in advance with parallel claims for a climate disaster by 2026, unless taxes rise. Organised by the government, it seems likely that car drivers and capitalists will bear the brunt of any new “pay us more tax and we`ll control the climate” initiatives that arise.
Several key scientific research results seem to be ignored by those attending, particularly a set of peer-reviewed papers that show conclusively how carbon dioxide levels do not cause climate change, but are a result of it.* These papers show that changes in temperature occur naturally, up and down, and only then does the level of carbon dioxide change. Given these results it's surprising that politicians should claim to be able to make an effect happen before its cause, in a modern day interpretation of the King Cnut delusion. Their escape route of a CO2 feedback loop is blocked off by geological records showing carbon dioxide levels up to 18 times higher than today's, with no thermal runaway happening as a result, and the recent CO2 'spike' acknowledged as having no root cause in emissions.
ABD Environment Spokesman Ben Adams comments
"While much of Europe is freezing in 2005, the atmosphere isn't warming and Antarctic ice is thickening. IPCC climate models are in disrepute. So all that remains is for the man-made global warming industry to re-invent the models as successful and use them to scare everyone into compliance, using the full weight of the UN and EU governments. This scaremongering can't change the science we quote, which is not the result of ABD research but the work of eminent climate scientists worldwide."
Last week experts on climate and the atmosphere including Richard Lindzen (Professor of Atmospheric Science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and man-made global warming adversary Dr David Bellamy (botanist, ecologist and Professor at the University of Nottingham) met at the Royal Institution in London to discuss climate change. Dr Fred Singer, former US department of transportation chief scientist and now head of the science and environment policy project, had to dig his way through several feet of snow to catch his flight from the USA to the conference as many parts of North America are also in the grip of a remarkably cold winter. The conference concluded that climate change is a natural phenomenon, but this received relatively little media exposure. It also highlighted how the general public is being allowed to mislead itself when it comes to climate change, and how scare stories can be managed for political gain.
"There's no point to this gathering except to cultivate headlines and sustain the myth of dangerous man-made global warming — primarily as a means to an end"
. . . . continues Adams.
"Namely, the redistribution of wealth from European motorists to other more politically correct groups, and from America plus other industrialised nations to developing countries. Perhaps the scary smokescreen is to try and limit electoral liability for the taxes involved. Scientists Friis-Christensen and Lassen pointed out ten years ago that there's no human signal in temperature data on the atmosphere, only in unsubstantiated groundstation readings riddled with systematic errors."
Conveniently, those involved in perpetuating the myth try to make debate as one-sided as possible. Recently a Lead Author resigned from the IPCC ** in protest at abuse of science and inherent bias, while representation opposing Kyoto has been prevented from speaking against government chief scientist Sir David King's view on a wider platform *** . With little doubt, the Exeter proceedings will be one-sided, bad news for mobility and enterprise, and any UK taxes hiked as a result will fail to change the sun's activity, tectonics, the Milankovitch cycles **** or the cosmic ray flux.


Information for Editors:
* Science Ignored
  • Petit et al (1999) reconstructed surface air temperature and atmospheric CO2 concentration profiles from Vostok ice core samples covering 420,000 years, concluding that during glaciation "the CO2 decrease lags the temperature decrease by several thousand years" and "the same sequence of climate forcing operated during each termination." Using sections of ice core records from the last three inter-glacial transitions, Fischer et al (1999) decided that "the time lag of the rise in CO2 concentrations with respect to temperature change is on the order of 400 to 1000 years during all three glacial-interglacial transitions." In other words, an increase in carbon dioxide levels, the much hyped 'cause' of global warming, actually happens long after the warming has started, demonstrating clearly that it cannot possibly be the cause.
  • On the basis of atmospheric carbon dioxide data obtained from Antarctic Taylor Dome ice core samples, and temperature data obtained from the Vostok ice core, Indermuhle et al (2000) looked at the relationship between these two variables over the period 60,000-20,000 years BP (Before Present). A statistical test on the data showed that movement in the air's CO2 content lagged behind shifts in air temperature by approximately 900 years, while a second statistical test yielded a mean lag-time of 1200 years. Similarly, in a study of air temperature and CO2 data obtained from high time resolution samples at the Antarctic Concordia Dome site, for the period 22,000-9,000 BP (which covers the last glacial-to-interglacial transition) Monnin et al (2001) found that the start of the CO2 increase lagged the start of the temperature increase by 800 +/- 600 years. In yet another study of the 420,000-year Vostok ice-cores, Mudelsee (2001) concluded that variations in atmospheric CO2 concentration lagged behind variations in air temperature by 1,300 to 5,000 years.
  • In a study using different methodology, Yokoyama et al (2000) analyzed sediments in the tectonically stable Bonaparte Gulf of Australia to determine the timing of the initial melting phase of the last great ice age. Commenting on the results of that study, Clark and Mix (2000) note that the melting of land-based ice that began approximately 19,000 years ago preceded the post-glacial rise in atmospheric CO2 concentration by about 3,000 years.
  • A more recent study covering this theme is that of Caillon et al. (2003)†. Air bubbles in the Vostok ice core over the period that comprises what is called Glacial Termination III - which occurred 240,000 years BP - were studied. The result of their painstaking analysis was that "the CO2 increase lagged behind Antarctic deglacial warming by 800 ± 200 years." This finding, in the words of Caillon et al., confirms that CO2 is not the forcing that drives the climatic system. †Caillon, N., Severinghaus, J.P., Jouzel, J., Barnola, J.-M., Kang, J. and Lipenkov, V.Y. 2003. Timing of atmospheric CO2 and Antarctic temperature changes across Termination III. Science 299: 1728-1731 (2003)
    ** IPCC Lead Author Resigns
    "I have decided to withdraw from participating in the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) ... I personally cannot in good faith continue to contribute to a process that I view as both being motivated by pre-conceived agendas and being scientifically unsound." (Dr Chris Landsea) Full statement
    *** Debate Stifled
    Andrey Illarionov, the outspoken and thus recently ditched Putin adviser, is unhappy that he has been gagged and cannot debate climate change at the World Economic Forum opposite global warming acolyte, Sir David King. Perhaps these statements didn't generate much warming to Illarionov's position:
    "Ideology on which the Kyoto Protocol is based, is a new form of totalitarian ideology, along with Marxism, Communism and socialism. We had doubts about the Kyoto Protocol, we wanted reasoning from our partners in the European Union, in the UN IPCC. Formal requests had been sent to these organizations. But we have not received responses yet, which suggests that no coherent answers can be offered. What we hear is 'it is not comprehensive responses that matter, we will not give them anyway; what is important is whether you believe us or not'."
    "No link has been established between carbon dioxide emissions and climate change. No other objective facts have been presented in recent times."
    **** Milankovitch Cycles
    These involve a periodic variation in our planet's axial tilt, precession, and in orbital eccentricity.
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