London, 2 Nov 2003.
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The following release has been sent jointly by the ABD and JABRA:

Four Weeks Until Mobile Legislation Comes into Force
40% of British drivers are still unaware that hand-held mobiles will be banned while driving.
Leading mobile headset manufacturer, JABRA, and the Association of British Drivers respond to impending in-car legislation with a mobile safety guide for drivers.
Despite the in-car mobile legislation being just four weeks away, a huge proportion of British drivers are still unaware of the new legislation that will make it illegal to use a hand-held mobile while driving. A survey commissioned by leading mobile headset manufacturer, JABRA found that 40% of British drivers are unaware that the legislation is coming into force, and amongst those who are aware of the law there is either confusion or ambivalence about its impact.
Key Findings: The ban will mean that drivers in the UK will face a minimum £30 fine or conviction of up to £1000 if they are caught using a hand-held mobile while they are in control of a vehicle. However, these penalties may not be enough as a quarter of drivers questioned, who were aware of the legislation, said that it would not stop them from using a hand-held mobile while driving.
The research suggests that the Government has failed to educate the public successfully, which could see them incurring fines and possibly points on their licence. Young drivers are most at risk with 31% of 20-29 year olds being the most likely age group to drive while using a hand-held mobile. Yet only 39% of 17-19 year olds and 50% of 20-29 year olds are even aware of the new law.
At least 12% of drivers questioned are required to use their phones while driving for work purposes. However, 62% of these people are not provided with hands-free kits from their employers. This highlights a need for employers to act more responsibly, give relevant staff hands-free kits for their mobiles and also help to educate them by defining a corporate policy for use of mobile phones in the car.
In response to the general lack of awareness, JABRA has produced a guide in conjunction with the Association of British Drivers to explain the law in easy terms, how to comply with the legislation and tips for safer mobile use while driving.
Ben Bushell, Country Manager, UK and Ireland, JABRA, explained:
"There is still a great deal of confusion in the market around the legislation and the legal options available to drivers still wishing to use their phones while on the move, and this is highlighted by the research. We want the public to be prepared for December 1 and we hope that the Guide will allow people to make an educated decision when selecting a hands-free solution and use it in the safest way possible."
Nigel Humphries, spokesman for The Association of British Drivers, commented:
"JABRA's research shows that, whilst most drivers have concerns about using a hand-held mobile, they are ambivalent about the consequences or are unsure of the alternatives. To avoid widespread non-compliance of the new legislation, there is a clear need for the Government and the mobile industry to tell drivers exactly what is legal and what isn't, and to provide positive guidance on making calls safely rather than simply telling people not to do it."

This PR is produced by JABRA in conjunction with the ABD.
To receive a copy of the JABRA/ABD Guide to Mobiles and Safer Driving please send an email to jabra_guide (at)
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