London, 26 Feb 2001.
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Doomsday Global Warming Scenarios - Fact Or Fiction?
As UK motorists continue to face sky-high levels of fuel duty, supposedly on environmental grounds, the Association of British Drivers has learnt that a small number of Governments were responsible for doomsday scenarios being added at the last minute to the latest Report from the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

The fastest rates of global warming, which featured widely in UK and international media coverage, were added at a late stage of the review process as a result of political intervention. Already dismissed as the scenario that's "not going to happen" by an IPCC Lead Author, the doomsday picture was but one outcome out of 245 - and it got all the attention.

Which Governments were responsible for forcing meltdown scenarios into the report? ABD Environment Spokesman, Bernard Abrams, comments: "In our opinion, the main suspects in this Mr Fixit storyline are the Clinton (as was) and Blair administrations. Our suspicions may be wrong - but if they played no part, then whodunnit?"

"We also ask why any Governments see fit to dictate that scaremongering scenarios should be added to IPCC reports."



Speaking in The Times (2), one of the world's foremost climatology experts and IPCC Lead Author Dr John Christy, described the doomsday scenario as "the one that's not going to happen".


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