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October 2010
20mph Speed Limits
York City Council is considering 20mph speed limits. This is despite the council's 20mph speed limit page admitting that police do not routinely enforce 20mph speed limits. There are several reasons for this: The ABD advocates option 1. Speed limits must be appropriate to the particular road. The imposition of blanket 20mph speed limits for political reasons does not reduce accidents, and incites contempt for the law — they actually encourage drivers to ignore other speed limits that may be reasonable.
Much of the support for 20mph speed limits is being driven by a lobby group called "20's plenty", not by the people of York.
If you live in York, be sure to tell the council your opinion.

The Ring Road
York has two ring roads: The northern one can't cope with the volume of traffic. This comes as no surprise to anyone except the bureacrats responsible for this inane decision. Traffic jams on the northern ring road are often so bad that traffic diverts through the city to avoid them — an insane situation that underlines the incompetence of road planning in Britain.  
We don't need to tell you about the parking problems in York, because the local paper is already doing a sterling job, see below for a complete guide to their articles about the council's attempt to wage war on the people who voted for them:
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