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No To The Bike Parking Tax
The ABD is supporting a campaign against the imposition of parking fees on motorcycles and scooters by Westminster City Council.
A further demonstration is planned for Wednesday 1st July, meet 17:45–18:20 in Golden Square, W1.
Check out their site for more details:
400 Parking Spaces Lost
Westminster Council have handed 400 parking spaces to US pool car company 'Zipcar'. In a 4 year deal — details of have been hidden as we have come to expect from politicians — 400 spaces paid for by your taxes have been given to a US company to make money from.
It is the opinion of the ABD that the financial arrangements of this deal should be made public. It is not acceptable for a private company to be given car parking spaces on public roads or in public car parks. If you live in Westminster please write to your local councillor and demand answers.
Parking 20p, no 50p, no £1, no hang on a minute, £2
Westminster Council have been forced to introduce a novel form of parking fee in it's car parks. The fee is based upon how full the car park is when you arrive. If it's empty, it's just 20p per hour, if it's full it can be £2.
Whilst the ABD welcomes the low fee of 20p (not dissimilar to that used in rural towns), the concept that people will have no idea how much it is going to cost them until they get there is daft.
The council have been forced to do this because the congestion charge has dissuaded so many people from coming into London that council parking revenues have dropped, and local businesses are suffering loss of trade. If the businesses go bust, council income will drop even more.
So much for the con charge being a 'success'.
Your Council?
“By discouraging car/vehicle commuting and other unnecessary vehicle journeys in Westminster, parking controls and enforcement are a valuable and effective traffic and demand management tool.”
Westminster City Council
Memorandum submitted to the Select Committee on Transport, House of Commons
So there you go. The council aren't working for you at all.
Note their answer to the first question 'Are local authorities carrying out parking control reasonably, fairly and accountably?'
— so that would be 'no' then.
In the financial year 2005/2006, Westminster issued 702,116 parking fines.
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