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“I specifically ruled out moving to Suffolk, nice county that it is in many ways, as I couldn't stand driving through its ridiculous speed limits. I would have to be on valium permanently!”
An ABD member
Inappropriate 30 Limits
Suffolk County Council introduced 450 new 30mph speed limits at the end of 1995, many of them on roads where no driver would expect to see such a low speed limit.
Between 1989 and 1995, the total number of road casualties in Suffolk had fallen from 3,746 to 2,707 — the 1995 figure being the lowest ever recorded.
In 1996, the first year of operation of the new speed limits, the number jumped to 3,018 — an 11.5% increase in one year. The figure has stayed above 3,000 per year ever since and was 3,252 in 2001. These figures can all be verified by the Department for Transport.
Within a year of the new limits coming into effect, the Suffolk Coroner criticised them as being a contributory factor in at least one fatal accident.
The Madness Gets Worse
Despite the 30 limits in Suffolk increasing accidents, Ipswich Borough Council are not satisfied. They plan to bring Ipswich to a standstill with a blanket 20mph zone across the town centre. Now, where else can we go for our Christmas Shopping?

Dangerous Ditches
The dangerous nature of some roads in Suffolk was highlighted by the tragic death of the wife and three children of a US serviceman in 2003. After a collison on the A1101, the family car went down an embankment and overturned into a water-filled ditch. Despite frantic efforts, rescuers were unable to save 20 year old Cortina Hamilton and three children.
Such deep water-filled roadside ditches represent a serious danger and should always be protected by adequate safety barriers.
After a series of other accidents involving US personnel and their families, the USAF imposed a local no overtaking order on all personnel based at Lakenheath & Mildenhall.
All drivers should be aware that there are an unusually high proportion of left-hand drive cars in the area around the US airbases, and we can't help but feel that publicising this fact might be more useful than an overtaking ban, which is a somewhat black and white view of the situation.
Of course, they could always buy cars in Britain instead of going to the absurd expense of shipping them from the US.
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