This page encompasses the area covered by South Wales Police including Bridgend, Merthyr Tydfil, Neath & Port Talbot, Rhondda Cynon Taff, and Vale of Glamorgan; but excluding Cardiff and Swansea, which have their own pages.

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Neath & Port Talbot Council act irresponsibly by putting up confusing signs near school

What's this then? One thing is for certain, it's not a prescribed speed limit sign as defined by the road traffic act. Speed limit signs, by law, must have a red border. Some drivers will see this and outside school times will treat it with the contempt it deserves, others won't understand and will drive at 20mph. This creates a confusing and thus dangerous situation. So what is Neath & Port Talbot Council playing at?
20mph speed limits due to schools should be temporary ones than can be activated by the school. This confusing and thus dangerous signage needs to be removed.
New Rhondda Road
Good news for once — the new relief road for Porth and Lower Rhondda Fach costing over £98 million has been opened by Rhodri Morgan, First Minster.
Now, about the rest of Wales...
We're Not Telling You
Mid and South Wales Safety Camera Partnership are refusing to say how much money they make from each speed camera. The information was requested by the Evening Post after the Thames Valley Partnership were ordered by the Information Commisioner to release such information.
MSWSCP are obviously worried that the amount of money raised by those speed cameras which do nothing to reduce accidents would expose their little racket.
Vale of Glamorgan
A4222 Cowbridge Illegal Speed Limit
Nearly one thousand drivers are to have speeding fines refunded and points cancelled after a cockup by the former South Glamorgan County Council.
Since 1990, part of the A4222 Primhose Hill in Cowbridge has been signposted as a 30mph speed limit. Yet the actual limit on the road was 60mph. South Glamorgan CC had never obtained a traffic order to reduce the limit to 30mph.
South Wales Safety Camera Partnership have been enforcing a 30mph limit not knowing that the limit was actually 60mph. No enforcement had taken place since May 2005, and the site was officially removed from the list of enforced sites in July 2005 when the problem was found.
The road is now administered by the Vale of Glamorgan who have now taken out a traffic regulation order making the limit 30mph officially.
The partnership have asked all local authorities in the area to review their traffic regulation orders.
Drivers who feel they have been unfairly prosecuted for speeding should always check that the authorities have fully complied with the law themselves.
M4 Speed Camera Dangerous
Professor Garel Rhys, head of transport at Cardiff University, has stated that the speed camera on the M4 westbound at Port Talbot is more likely to cause an accident than prevent one. Professor Rhys believes the camera should be moved so that it is more visible to prevent late braking which may lead to an accident.
M4 hidden camera rumour
In 2003 a rumour circulated on the internet that South Wales Police were using SPECS cameras hidden in information signs on the M4. There is no truth whatsoever to this silly story. The information signs are operated by the Highways Agency and do not contain cameras. South Wales Police have confirmed to the ABD that they do not use SPECS cameras.
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