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Collector Road 50 Limit Joke
The A452 Collector Road is a 4 mile dual carriageway that runs alongside the M6 between Chelmsley Wood and Castle Bromwich. On one side it is bordered by the M6, on the other by residential areas that are completed fenced off from the road, there are no properties bordering the road whatsoever, nor are there any footpaths alongside it nor crossing it. There are only four junctions along the 4 miles, one being a large roundabout, and three junctions (on one side of the road only) where vehicles can enter and leave the residential area. One of these (the first) is on a straight stretch of road, the other two are on long gentle curves. The road forms an arc around the north eastern edge of the Birmingham/Solihull urban area and is thus basically a 4 mile long sweeping bend with good sightlines. Until recently the road was NSLA (National Speed Limit Applies) — now it has been reduced to an utterly absurd 50mph.
Just before each of the two junctions on curved sections, on the Chelmsley Wood to Castle Bromwich carriageway, a Truvelo forward facing speed camera has been installed. The one shown on the right is very well hidden by the curvature of the road and foliage. In fact it is so well hidden that with a few more weeks growth of foliage it won't be able to see the road at all!
The new junction warning sign, whilst sensibly positioned with respect to the junction, conveniently serves to attract the attention of drivers away from the other side of the road.
There are also signs detailing the numbers of accidents that have previously occured on this road, so detailed in fact that to attempt to read them whilst driving past would be downright dangerous.
Beyond the forward facing cameras there are markings on the road, this is incomprehensible as the camera is not looking that way.
The timing is also highly suspicious. The M6 is about to undergo extensive repairs, and one of the advised alternative routes is the Collector Road. The phrase 'Lambs to the slaughter' springs to mind.
According to Solihull Council, the speed limit appears to have been proposed by the local 'safety' camera pratnership in conjunction with two new speed cameras. The council decided to proceed with 'advertising' the proposed reduction on 18th March 2004. Yet it appears the speed limit was imposed just over a month later giving little or no opportunity for people to object.
The camera partnership claim that over three years, the road has seen a total of 31 road traffic collisions, in which 4 people were killed, 18 seriously injured, and 33 slightly injured. Details of the precise locations and causes of these accidents are, as usual, not provided.
We can only find one press report on a fatal accident on the Collector Road:
In September 2002, a 20-year old man died when his vehicle crashed into trees. The accident appears to have been caused by the driver losing control, and was nothing to do with the junctions. Rubber-necking led to a second accident.
The ABD calls for the speed limit along the entire Collector Road to be put back to NSLA; for the speed cameras to be removed; and for the junction warning signs to be replaced by speed activated warning signs. The imposition of a 50mph limit along this entire road serves only to bring speed limits into disrepute.
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