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Speed Limits Under Threat
Speed limits on many A and B roads across Shropshire may shortly come under attack as the county council have launched a 'consulation' process. They say they are consulting "town and parish councils and stakeholders". They don't say who they regard as 'stakeholders'. Previous experience of such consultations has shown us that councils make little or no attempt to publicise these proposals outside of the immediate area, so many drivers who use these roads are denied the opportunity to object to reductions. And reductions they all are, not one speed limit is being raised. At least they have the consultation on their website (see link below).
In a similar process in Warwickshire, the council even reduced some speed limits against the advice of the police.
We urge all drivers in Shropshire to respond to this consultation and contact their councillors.
Drivers living outside Shropshire but who drive on any of the affected roads should also respond, but be aware that you are likely to be treated as as second class citizen, for councils usually only really listen to people who live on the road, other drivers are treated with contempt.
The council's concept of democracy is in many respects more reminiscent of the territorial instincts of wild animals, than of civilization.

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Think! Road Safety
(Especially when installing unnecessary signs alongside main roads)
Try not to laugh, this isn't funny. A woman was hurt when her car collided with a 'think road safety' sign after swerving to avoid another vehicle on the A442 near the Stirchley Services (not far from Ironybridge).
The council will be replacing the sign because it is now out of date — and a bit bent. Maybe they'll think about road safety and have the gumption to put a crash barrier alongside it now.
Speed Camera Threshold Speeds
John McAvoy, project manager of the West Mercia safety camera partnership, told our Shropshire Local Co-ordinator in a letter:
"The guidelines recommend that action commences at speeds which are 10% + 2mph in excess of the speed limit (ie.35 mph in a 30mph area, 46mph in a 40mph area,etc). In this region, no action is taken by West Mercia Constabulary or the Safety Camera Partnership where speeds are below these thresholds. There are facilities in the guidelines which would cover action being taken at lower speeds where there are particularly aggravating factors, but the Safety Camera Partnership has never made use of this facility and has no plans to do so."
If you are being prosecuted by West Mercia Police for a speed camera offence at a speed of less than 35mph in a 30 zone, or less than 46 mph in a 40 zone, please let our Shropshire Local Co-ordinator know about it, and be sure to keep any offcial documents you have received, or a copy of them..
Speed Camera Van Exceeds Speed Limit
A speed camera van belonging to West Mercia Safety Camera Partnership was clocked by police exceeding the speed limit at Trefonen, near Oswestry.
The best Trevor McAvoy, of West Mercia Safety Camera Partnership, could come up with was this irrelevant blathering:
"I don't believe the van operator had carried out any enforcement that morning."
— Thanks, Trev. Give up the day job.
Shropshire Star — Speed camera van allegation
West Mercia Police have been seen to target the A5 between Shrewsbury and Chirk. Apparently there have been a large number of accidents. Police blame the accidents on various factors including failing to judge other people's speed or path, inattention, lack of judgement or following other vehicles too closely. So expect to see them out with speed cameras catching people driving with due care and attention.
When is a copper not a copper?
When they're driving a marked police car apparently. West Mercia Police have come up with the bright idea of allowing civilian employees to drive marked police cars. So if you need police help and flag down a police car, don't assume there'll be a police officer driving it. Don't worry though, apparently they've had a one day training course on how to work the blue lights. Words fail us.
Police Deny Claims on Marked Cars (but then admit it)
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Attempts by the safety camera pratnership to brainwash the people of Shropshire into accepting speed cameras is not working too well — judging by letters to the local press.