Losing The Plot — Take 2
The fire brigade have joined the police in losing the plot on speed limits. Some bureaucrat has issued instructions to fire engine drivers that they shouldn't exceed the speed limit, nor use blue and twos, unless there is immediate danger to life.
By the time they get to the scene of any incident, there probably will be danger to life.
So if your garden shed catches fire we suggest you grab a bucket because the fire brigade won't be there until the cows come home.
Losing The Plot
The crass stupidity of the obsession with speed limits has been highlighted after South Yorkshire Police decided to take themselves to court because they couldn't find out who'd been driving a police car snapped by a speed camera. Magistrates fined the police £500 (that's £500 less for policing in South Yorkshire in case, like the police, you can't figure it out).
The police are of course in an impossible situation. Take no action and it looks like 'one law for them and another for us'. Go to court and it makes them look stupid. The only real solution is the abolition of speed cameras, but the penny hasn't dropped with Chief Constable Meredydd Hughes yet.
Policing Goes Downhill?
In stark contrast to the sensible comments made on speed cameras by the former Chief Constable of South Yorkshire — Mike Hedges, the new incumbent appeared to be another speed camera zealot.
Meredydd Hughes has been caught twice by speed cameras, once in Sheffield and once in South Wales, yet despite being doubtless sure that he wasn't driving in a dangerous manner, he still thinks speed cameras are a good idea, and even wants hidden cameras re-introduced. Let's hope he gets caught twice more and banned — maybe the penny will finally drop. However, there may be some hope — he's suggesting variable speed limits on some roads and agrees that many speed limits have been set too low:
City Council Admit to Being Anti-Car
"All of our {parking} charges are in line with the Council's policy of protecting our environment by encouraging the use of other types of transport e.g. walking, cycling and public transport."
Sheffield City Council
In other words, you are not being charged for the use of a parking space, you are being fined for being politically incorrect by using a car. Welcome to Sheffield.
Chief Constable Attacks Speed Camera Racket
About to be released from the shackles of political correctness by retirement, the Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police, Mike Hedges, has launched a scathing attack on speed camera partnerships. He stated that the police had "lost the argument" over speed cameras and blamed them for wrecking the force's relationship with the public.
"I think the police service has really suffered some really serious confidence problems, and support from the public, as a result."

Green Clique Targets M1 for 50 Limit
In the latest anti-car plot to be conjured up in Sheffield, the 'M1 Corridor Clean Air Partnership' (a clique consisting of Sheffield City Council, Rotherham council, several government agencies, bus companies, and greens) want to reduce the speed limit on the M1 through the city to 50mph. They claim this will reduce levels of Nitrogen Oxides (NOx). The Highway's Agency have expressed reservations about the proposal. See their website: M1 Corridor Clean Air Partnership
Congestion Charging Conspiracy Alive & Well
The South West Yorkshire Multi Modal study has concluded that congestion charging and tolling is needed.
The study was carried out by consultants headed by MVA Ltd.
MVA Ltd just happen to provide a design service for congestion charging equipment.
Who needs independent consultants anyway?
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