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The Cleddau Bridge links Pembroke and Milford Haven and is the only publicly-owned bridge in Wales to have a toll in both directions. It is effectively a tax on everyone living south of the river who travels to the county's main shopping town, Haverfordwest; and a tax on local businesses who then have to pass the cost onto their customers. The ABD wants to see the toll scrapped completely. Meanwhile, it's 75p for cars, so make sure you collect those 1p and 2p pieces you can never get rid of …

This is NOT a speed limit

Here we see some 'signs' at the approach to the village of Eglwyswrw on the A487 between Fishguard and Cardigan. It may not be totally clear from this photo, but these signs are not speed limit signs. The circle around the number 40 is black not red. So what do these signs mean? — In the eyes of the law they mean nothing at all. They have no more meaning in law than a plastic duck stuck on a signpost. They are utterly meaningless.
But therein lies the problem. Some drivers won't notice the circles are black, or won't appreciate the significance. So they will think it is a 40mph speed limit and slow down. Other drivers will be fully aware that these signs are meaningless, and that the speed limit on the road is actually NSLA (60mph for cars) and proceed accordingly.
This difference in understanding is liable to lead to significant discrepanices in the speed of vehicles, and even cause road rage, as drivers who understand the law become exasperated at those who don't.
Similar signs are used elsewhere in Pembrokeshire, if you spot any, let our webmaster know.
The ABD considers that Pembrokeshire County Council is displaying a cavalier and unprofessional attitude in putting up these meaningless and confusing signs, and calls for them to be taken down immediately.
Full details of Speed Limit Signing Requirements.
Pembrokeshire is a nice quite rural place where you wouldn't expect to find much evidence of the anti-car mentality prevalent throughout much of the UK. You'd be wrong.
The Welsh name for Tenby is Dinbych-y-Pysgod meaning  Fortlet of the Fish, and there's certainly something fishy happening in the town.
In August 2002, in the most vicious anti-car scheme yet in Britain, Pembrokeshire County Council imposed a total ban on cars within the town walls of Tenby between 12:00 and 16:00. The move meant traders and tourists, and even local residents, were prevented from entering or leaving the area by car unless they obtained permission from the council in advance. Tourists arriving for holidays were forced to carry their luggage up to half a mile. The scheme was arrogantly imposed without any consultation whatsoever, and infuriated residents, businesses and tourists alike.
Read the council's survey and results in PDF format.
No prizes for spotting the leading questions, and those that can easily be read several ways.
For example "In your opinion, is there a need to improve the traffic situation in Tenby?" — those who thought there was too much traffic before the ban may well have said yes, those who thought the traffic ban was a nuisance may also have said yes, explaining the 92.9% 'yes' answer, which the council has used to claim widespread support for their scheme. Deviously engineered questions like this are a favourite way for councils to get the answers they want from their surveys of 'public opinion'. Not content with such trickery, they even changed the wording of some questions after the consultation was complete!
For 2003, they are extending the ban to run from 5 July to 31 August and from 11:00 to 17:00 each day. A fine of £60 and 3 penalty points will be imposed on anyone driving into the town. This will be enforced by ANPR cameras reading number plates, like those used by Ken Livingstone in London.
Opposition to the draconian scheme is being led by the Tenby Walled Town Residents Association who recently voted unanimously to press for a public inquiry into the actions of the county council.
The local MP has also demanded a public enquiry after discovering that the coniving county council have deliberately imposed the scheme under a temporary traffic order so as to bypass the legal requirement for an enquiry, and allow them to ignore all objections.
The chief culprit in all this seems to be Huw Roberts, Director of Transportation & Environment, Pembrokeshire County Council, County Hall, Haverfordwest, SA61 1TP. An unelected bureaucrat who seems remarkably reluctant to answer questions about his previous work. He is apparently leaving the council shortly — just hope he doesn't come your way!
Another cuplrit is Brian Hall, Cabinet Member for Transport, and an independent councillor for Pembroke Dock, who said:
"Certain restrictions need to be placed on the residents and businesses situated within the walled town and on Caldey Island."
Evidently the arrogant Mr Hall seems to think he lives in a police state, not a free and supposedly democratic society.
According to 'Old Grumpy' he has also indulged in some rather dubious activities in his past.
A new report has said that the ban may breach human rights, and calls on the council to reassess it's plans.
BBC — Human rights query over car ban
The county council have a "serviceline" for information and advice, begging for permission to drive into the town, and what to do in the event of a medical or other emergency.
(Open 08:00–18:00 Mon–Fri, 09:00–17:00 weekends)
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