This page encompasses both the Nottinghamshire County Council area, and the Nottingham City Council area.
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Gedling B C Parking Charges
Gedling Borough Council have decided that they have a budget deficit and guess who they've chosen to fill it? Yes, drivers. No suggestion that the deficit could be filled fairly by everyone, let's victimize drivers as usual.
The council ignored a petition signed by 3000 people, because like many politicians around the country, they don't much care for democracy.
If you are in the borough, find out if your councillor voted for this, and if they did, tell them why you're not going to vote for them next time.
Workplace Parking Tax
"we have been going through the public consultation motions, which is a mandatory requirement that we do that"
Jason Gooding
Project Manager
(Clearly a man who respects democracy.)
Nottingham City Council are trying to revive the odious idea of a workplace parking tax, which everyone thought had died a death some years ago. Their rebranded 'Levy' is just another excuse to extort money from drivers.
Please sign the British Chambers of Commerce petition, linked below, and spread the word around your workplace!
The ABD is supporting the campaign run by the British Chambers of Commerce to have the Workplace Parking Levy application from Nottingham rejected, and the entire concept scrapped nationwide.
You can sign their petition using the link below. Councillors and MPs known to support the tax are listed below.
If your local councillor or MP is on this list, write to them and tell them they won't have your vote at the next election.
If they are not, ask them if they support the tax, and let us know what they say.
Join the ABD and help us to campaign against this tax!
Did you sign the petition? / nostealthtaxonparking

Congestion Charging Debate
ABD spokesman Mark McArthur-Christie appeared in a debate on road pricing by BBC East Midlands on Thursday 11th January 2007.
The debate was broadcast on BBC Radio Derby, Leicester, and Nottingham; with live video over the internet.
In a BBC website poll, 1315 of 1480 peple (89%) said they would not be prepared to pay anything per mile.
The programme also described a British Chambers of Commerce survey showing that amongst businesses: The 6 East Midlands councils involved said that they would not go ahead with road pricing unless it was done nationally, as to do so locally would disadvantage the area.

This Talivan on the A617 Chesterfield Road South, Mansfield, is parked facing the wrong way on a road which has a central reservation — is this illegal? Do they care? It is parked partially on a hatched area and partially on the pavement. It also obscures the view of the entrance in the foreground.

A Nottinghamshire Talivan obstructing a pavement on London Road Nottingham. Although a pedestrian might just be able to squeeze past, wheelchairs and pushchairs would not, and would be forced into the road. How's that for a contribution to ‘road safety’?

Another Nottinghamshire Talivan totally obstructing a cycle lane on the bridge over the M1 at junction 27. Irrespective of whether this is a sensible place to have a cycle lane, the fact is that it is there, and there are laws applying to it, not to mention common sense — neither of which seem to apply to Talivan operators.

This Truvelo forward-facing camera lurks on the A1 Northbound exactly one mile after the Tuxford junction, itself some 12 miles north of Newark-on-Trent. Map. Now you might think that being painted yellow it fully complies with speed camera guidelines, but look at what the camera sees:

It is located on a long left hand bend and strategically hidden by a conveniently situated tree. The next junction is nearly a mile away, so there is no justification for the camera whatsoever. The damage to the central reservation crash barrier in the centre of the photo shows that rather than preventing accidents, this camera has actually caused one!
A631 50mph limit enforced by SPECS
SPECS cameras are being used to enforce a ridiculous 50mph speed limit on dual carriageway sections of the A631 at Gringley on the Hill and Scaftworth in north Nottinghamshire (Map). The entire A631 across Nottinghamshire has had an unnecessary 50mph limit imposed. These two sections of dual carriageway used to provide opportunity to overtake, but the 50mph limit now prevents this. We have witness reports of a near accident caused by a frustrated driver trying to overtake a slow car at the end of the dual carriageway after the last camera had been passed.
16 year old girl injured in PolAcc
On 26th Feb 2005, a 16 year old girl was hit by a police car responding to an emergency call in Nottingham. The incident is being investigated by the IPCC.
Safety Camera 'Success'
In the last 5 years, Nottinghamshire 'Safety' Camera Partnership have fined nearly 280,000 drivers and raised nearly £16 million. To celebrate their success we've produced this special sign you can print and display in your car:

  • BBC — Speed camera nets £4.2m in fines   2005-02-18
    Hucknall Pedestrianization
    Notts Council Council are proposing to 'improve' Hucknall town centre. They recently had a consultation. Good, they are legally obliged to do this. Unfortunately the law doesn't prevent them from asking deceptive questions which have been carefully written so that you can't actually vote against the plans. They do this by asking two questions as one. It's as simple as:
    "Do you want your mouldy bread buttered? — Answer yes or no."
    Whatever you answer, you'll get some mouldy bread.
    Hucknall Transport Study
    ‘Safety’? — who do they think they're kidding?
    In recent months, Nottinghamshire's Talivans seem to to have taken to parking where they like, with not a moment's thought for the safety of other road users. They are frequently to be seen obstructing pavements and cycle lanes — as our photographs on the right show. Their increasing arrogance is serving only to further undermine public respect for the law. If you see some of Nottingham's finest flouting the law like this, ring the local paper and suggest they send a photographer down.
    Nottingham's SPECS
    Nottingham has SPECS cameras on the A610 Nuttall Road which have been in place since July 2000. They have caught nearly 76,000 drivers and raised £4.2m in fines.
    Additional cameras on the A6514 Western Boulevard were installed in 2002. SPECS cameras time your passage between two cameras and work out your speed. Of course if you've stopped to buy a newspaper, or turn off the road, or onto it, between the two cameras they're useless.
    Despite the claims about one road made by SpeedCheck (the manufacturer of the 'SPECS' cameras), no significant reduction in fatalities has occured across the county.
    Source: National Statistics — Road Casualties in Great Britain

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