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Having been built from scratch on a largely green field site in recent times, Milton Keynes has arguably one of the best urban road networks of any large UK town. Through-routes are seperated from housing areas, and a comprehensive network of footpaths and cycle paths improve safety, allowing NSLA speed limits on the main road grid (though the council, for little reason other than political correctness, is trying to reduce these). The A5 trunk road also passes right through the town yet is a dual carriageway with grade seperated junctions, indeed it would be a motorway if it had a hard shoulder.
John Prescott was trying to scrap all that good planning by handing planning control to the English Partnerships quango with the intention of making MK less ‘car dependent’. Part of the plan is to build on car parking space in Central Milton Keynes; car parking will supposedly be provided by new multi-storey car parks, with associated higher charges and delays. Businesses are already warning that the anti-car policy may force them out of Central Milton Keynes.
One of the downsides of the road grid is the massive number of roundabouts. Virtually every junction on the grid is a roundabout, which can be very disorientating for visitors, particularly with the absence of landmarks (most of them are surrounded by trees).
When Milton Keynes opened for business, town centre parking was free. But the council haven't been able to resist jumping on the let's milk motorists for all they worth bandwagon, and you now have to endure a complex system of colour coded parking spaces.
Double Anti-Car Whammy to Hit MK
The Lib Dem controlled council is planning a double whammy to target MK drivers. A workplace parking levy similar to that being proposed in Nottingham is being considered, as are increased parking charges in CMK, and an end to all free parking spaces.
The idea appears to have come from something called the "Citizensí Advisory Group on Transport". Oh dear, we can just imagine. If you live in MK, get yourself on this group to stop this madness.
Taking A Stand Against Government
Milton Keynes council have joined Bolton Council in publicly voicing opposition to the government's plan to destroy privacy by introducing ID cards.
Hopefully, it will not be too long before they realise that government anti-car policies are just as bad, and take a stand against those too.

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