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Driver Wins CCTV Challenge
A driver has successfully won a challenge against Lambeth Council's abuse of CCTV.
Jonathan Greatorex received a £100 fine in the post alleging he had failed to give way at a narrow bridge on Salters Hill.
Yet Mr Greatorex knew he had nothing wrong and challenged the fine with the London Parking and Traffic Appeals Service. The adjudicator agreed that the cropped image provided by the council failed to give the full picture of what had happened and quashed the fine.
The adjudicator also backed Mr Greatorex's claim that the signage did not give drivers enough time to react to the pinch-point.
Mr Greatorex urged other drivers mugged by this CCTV scam to object and demand their money back.
The Council's Deceipt

Council 'evidence' claimed to show Mr Greatorex failing to give way to the oncoming car.
The Truth

Wider view makes it clear he reached the pinch point long before the other car did.

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